A little bit about Me

Hi I'm Leah L.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, Its very beautiful country, lots of mountainous terrain. We have some of the best hunting and fishing in the world right in our back yard. Im right above the biggest straight access dam in the Northwest. Dworshak Dam.

(Not mine borrowed from google)

I moved here in 07 if I remeber right. My parents have been here longer then I have. They had their house almost finished before I moved here.

I have 3 kids, 2 are monozygotic twins are 11 and my youngest is 9.

I've done art&crafting most of my life my Grandma and my Mom are the ones the always encourage me to do art. I dont really know how to do anything else. My skills and trades are limited.

I make graphics,motion graphics, some album artworks. I can paint sometimes. Im not very good at painting. I'm still learning how to paint. I really not that great at most of what I do. Alot of what I do is really just experiments. I like to play around with different layout.

Sometimes I use tutorial to make an artwork, sometimes not. I like to make typography artwork and add it to posters or mashup for sales flyer. Its fun.

Im self taught. I didnt go to school to do any adcance learning, I use youtube or tutorial I find online. Sometime you dont need advance learning there is often times alot of

people online that will teach what they know for free.

You just have to know how to find it. You know too, this is work is really a gift, its not a skill. Art is a God given gift. You either have or you dont. You cant force it. Sometimes you can learn to create things but you have to have an eye for creating as well.

I hope you enjoy my post,

Happy creating!




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